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Turtle Eyeland by Terry Taube

Turtle Eyeland
The currents of time's great circle and great rotation, inspired by the gift of it,
We stand on the back of it Honua (Earth).
Here only a hearts beat away from the hottest spot on Earth.
While grandmother moon sets the rhythm of our hearts beat the ebb and flow of life's
We are here at two waters (Kailua), just moments above the beach,
And the sands of Kamaka Honu (eye of the turtle).
In a deeper sense the waters of birth and rebirth coming and going through the eye of
time, the great cosmology of creation.
The medicine wheel of time, peace and mind, the dream catcher.
Manta rays, perhaps the first to fly on earth for 400 million years the Hahalua have flown
in a celestial sea in search of our mothers milky way, a breast of it.
For at least 230 million years the turtle has walked on Honua.
The oldest eggs ever found are sea turtles 120 million years old.
Time gave us the turtle, turtle gave us time.
It is our hearts that beat time.
Our eyes flash.
In its instance on the face of the Great slide (Hualalai), the great rule of time and gravity.
Kindness and wisdom pacificlee.
Peace and calm here in the heart of pearl, the heart of Kona.
This is a reminder of the loving embrace, everyray Honua day.
Time honors peace.
Peace honors time.
Words & sculpture shaped by Terry Taube
Turtle Eyeland
-Terry Taube